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    We're on a mission to create a safe, friendly, respectful community where we can get to know and support our neighbors.

    Important Information About the POA

    The Cove (Forest Cove) subdivision is located in

    Point Blank, TX 77364 | San Jacinto County


    Forest Cove Bylaws, Deed Restrictions and Clubhouse Rules are important so our community remains attractive and well-maintained for the property owners and their guests.


    Select any of the three documents from the site navigation above. Click 'download' when the window opens and save to your computer or print from screen. Note that you may need to download Adobe Reader to your computer to read these files. (Visit https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html for the free PDF reader.)

    Speed limit in The Cove is:

    • 15 mph in Section 2 and
    • 20 mph in Sections 1 and 3.
    San Jacinto County Pet Rules state ALL pets (dogs and cats) are to be kept on a leash.
    San Jacinto Animal Control: 936-653-4367.


    Help keep our community SAFE!



    Meetings are scheduled in accordance with the Bylaws. See Article II, Section 1 for Member meetings and Article III, Section 8 for Board of Directors meetings.


    Board (BOD) Meetings at 10:00 a.m.

    POA Meetings at 2:00 p.m.


    Member meetings may be held via Conference Call or in person and will be announced prior to each meeting.



    POA Meetings are held 1st Saturday of February, May, August & November

    • October 23, 2021 - BOD
    • November 6, 2021 - POA
    • January 22, 2022 - BOD
    • February 5, 2022 - POA
    • April 23, 2022 - BOD
    • May 7, 2022 - POA
    • July 23, 2022 - BOD
    • August 6, 2022 - POA
    • October 22, 2022 - BOD
    • November 5, 2022 - POA

    Other Important Dates in 2021

    • Saturday, July 2, 2022 for the 4th of July Celebration - POA
    • Saturday, September 10, 2022 - Board Elections Ballot Due
    • October 1, 2022 - New 2022/2023 Officers/BOD Take Office
    Randomly hosted community events may occur at any time the clubhouse is available.
    PER SB 1588
    Board Meeting Notice Deadlines & Budget Restrictions – TPC 209.0051
    Effective Date: September 1, 2021

      Notice of any regular board meeting must now be provided at least 144 hours (6 days) in advance, rather than the current stipulation of 72 hours (3 days) notice. Special meetings must have 72 hours (3 days) of notice provided. These notices can be posted or emailed.


    The ability to amend an annual budget by less than ten percent outside of an open meeting has been eliminated. All budget changes must now be voted upon in open sessions during properly noticed meetings.

    Happy 4th of July


    Located at 120 Edgewater Way

    1. The clubhouse is available to rent by The Cove property owners for their events, only. A property owner must be present at all times for any event held in The Cove Clubhouse.

    2. See Calendar Below for Available Dates

    3. Click Clubhouse/Fishing Pier on the navigation above for Rules.

    4. To reserve your date, send an email to: forestcovepb@gmail.com

    5. The Cove Secretary will reserve your requested date on the calendar if it is available. You will be advised to read the Clubhouse/Fishing Pier Rules.

    6. The rental of the clubhouse is $35 Monday-Thursday and $50 Friday-Sunday and holidays with a $50 deposit. This includes the clubhouse, the back patio area and the lot east of the clubhouse. The fishing pier may also be reserved for your event but is an additional $25.00. The fishing pier can only be rented as an addition to the clubhouse.
      Note: This will not prevent offloading and onloading to boats for property owners.

    7. IMPORTANT: To hold your spot, you must give or mail the deposit and rental dues to Phil Kurkoski at Forest Cove POA, P.O. Box 82, Point Blank, TX 77364.
      Note: Typically two checks are provided: one for the rental and one for the deposit. The deposit check will be torn up following a careful review to see that the clubhouse was cleaned / organized per the Rules following the use unless the renter stipulates that they want the uncashed deposit check returned.

    8. You are responsible for leaving the clubhouse clean with tables and chairs arranged as if set up for POA meeting. The clubhouse will be inspected for cleanliness following each use. If additional cleaning is necessary, no deposit will be refunded.

  • The Cove Calendar

    Clubhouse Calendar & More!


    Click any article title below to read the articles or see photos. 

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    In addition to the above, the Board of Directors and the POA approved a special committee to...
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    For the Benefit of: Forest Cove Maintenance

    Officers | Committees

    October 1, 2020-September 30, 2021

    Contact Information


    Forest Cove Property Owners Assoc.
    P. O. Box 82
    Pointblank, Texas 77364

    Email: forestcovepb@gmail.com


    OFFICERS (Effective October 1, 2020)

    President - Ken Black
    Vice President - Dennis Hamlin
    Treasurer - Phil Kurkoski
    Secretary - Karen Black



    Point Blank, TX City Alderman - Gary Wulf

    Point Blank, TX City Alderman - Mel Basham

    Volunteer Fire Department - Gary Wulf



    The Cove Security (Cameras)


    Club House Reservations

    Email: forestcovepb@gmail.com

    Maintenance and Improvements
    Ken Black, Gary Wulf, Bill Hodde

    Gate Decorations & Lights -Section I & III
    Lou Liles, Ritza Hall

    Gate Decorations & Lights -Section II

    July 4, 2021 Celebration on July 3

    Lou Liles
    Board of Directors (Phil Kurkoski)

    Gary Wulf

    Web Master
    Karen Black

    POA Welcome Committee

    Sheree Fanestiel (TBD)


    Forest Cove recognizes that volunteers are the backbone of our community. Our gratitude goes out to all those listed above and many who are not named above, who volunteer their time and talents.


    Please send us address and phone number changes, email updates and/or comments.


    Email: forestcovepb@gmail.com


    Send correspondence or payments to

    Forest Cove POA

    P.O. Box 82

    Point Blank, TX 77364


    Email us to receive emails or to update an address.




    Emergency Contact Numbers
    Fire or Ambulance: 911 or 936-653-4367

    Poison Control: 800-222-1222


    Sheriff: 936-653-4367

    Constable Precinct 4 -- Alvin Wyatt

    Cell: 936-438-3083

    Office: 936-377-5412

    email: alvin.wyatt@co.san-jacinto.tx.us


    Texas Game Warden: 936-239-2711


    Huntsville Memorial Hospital: 936-291-3411 ****** Onalaska Water Rescue Boat: 936-646-5111
    Pointblank V.F.D. Station: 936-377-3025 ******* San Jacinto Animal Control: 936-653-4367

    San Jacinto County Emergency Management: 936-653-3395


    City of Point Blank, Texas


    The City of Point Blank Office is located in the Point Blank Civic Center.

    OFFICE: 936-377-2899

     FAX: 936-377-2900

    Physical Location: 101 S. Counts Road, Point Blank, Texas 77364

    Mailing: P. O. Box 479, Point Blank, Texas 77364


    City Council Members

    Mayor: Mark T. Wood (term expires 05/21)

     Alderman Place #2: Gary Wulf (term expires 05/22)

    Alderman Place #1: Russell Sims (term expires 05/22)

    Alderman Place #3: Larry Gumpert (term expires 05/22)

    Alderman Place #4: Mel Basham (term expires 05/21)

    Alderman Place #5: Paul Singleton, (term expires 05/21)

    City Manager: Kelly Hoot


    The City Council meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 P. M. (The agenda for the meetings are posted at the community bulletin board outside the Point Blank Civic Center, and on the Precinct #4 Community Board.)


    Before You Dig Call: 811






    Other Important Numbers
    Eastex Telephone: 1-800-732-7839
    L.L.W.S. & S.S.C. (Water) : 936-327-3107 or 800-774-9283

    Pay your water bills online - go to www.lakelivingstonwatersupply.org for details
    Sam Houston Electric: 1-800-458-0381
    Cable & Internet Provider: Suddenlink, 936-653-4777 or 1-888-822-5151

  • Celebrating the 4th of July in The Cove - In Honor of Stan Liles

    United We STANd!

    2021 4th of July Celebration in The Cove

    Thank you for coming!

    Lou Liles & Family

    We could not have had this event without our family and friends who turned out to help with all that goes into making it a great success! Thank you for all the help and all the "Stan" memories the 4th always brings to mind.
    Keep scrolling down for more information and photos about this fun event.
  • 2021 - 4th of July

    Celebrating the 4th of July Hosted by Lou Liles and Family

    Lou Liles and many wonderful, helpful volunteers, family, and friends pulled off an amazing 4th of July tribute in honor of the late Stan Liles with a theme of “United We STANd”!

    Acknowledgements by Ken Black, POA President

    As Ken mentioned in his acknowledgements - Thank you everyone who was able to attend. It is always a pleasure to see your faces, and as mentioned at the dinner, to shake your hand following the 14+ month shutdown.


    Ken Black acknowledged:

    1. The Forest Cove POA Officers: Dennis Hamlin, VP; Phil Kurkoski, Treasurer; and Karen Black, Secretary.
    2. All those who worked for days/weeks/months in advance to make the event a success. Many hours go into planning and preparing for the 4th of July celebration. Your neighbors go the extra mile - cleaning, treating for ants, buying and preparing the food, and much more.
    3. Much gratitude to all those who pitched in on the cleaning and prep of the clubhouse and surrounding areas before and after the event.
    4. Park beach area clean up - Mike Therrill and Duane Crawford volunteered to clean the beach the week before and right up to the date of the event. Duane Crawford voluntarily keeps the park free of logs and debris on an ongoing basis simply to help his neighbors. The amount of debris has been horrific this year due to the heavy rains.
    5. Lou Liles and their family for hosting the clebration. 


    Fishing Tournament

    Dennis Hamlin worked with the children on their tournament this year. He said for anyone who didn't make it, they were missing out! Seven children, under the age of 12, showed up for the Children's Fishing Tournament in spite of the light rain. Three of them placed in the contest as follows:

    1. Rylan caught the first fish
    2. Casan caught the biggest fish - 13"
    3. Levi caught the most - 8

    Dog Contest

    We had many beautiful, sweet dogs join in the contest this year! Winners were:

    1. Best Trick - Luna Wulf
    2. Best Costume - Izzy Washbish
    3. Best Wag - Memphis Hodde


    Thanks to everyone who turned out for the parade this year - all those who entered the parade and all those who came out to cheer them on! Thank you to JoAnn and Barb who gave us permission to go through their property so we could get to Section 2. Winners of the parade were:

    1. 1st - Ron Archer & Melinda Dye
    2. 2nd - Ken, Karen & Kalena Black

    House Decorating

    It's always fun to see our neighbors get into the spirit with creative house decorating ideas! Winners were:

    1. Lou Liles
    2. Ron Archer & Melinda Dye
    3. Gus & Denise Greeley

    Chalk Judging

    In spite of the wet canvas this year, we have a winner!

    • Steve and Saundra Hartgrove

    Cake Auction

    Tough to choose the best from all the clever designs applied to all of the cakes that were entered! Winners for the cakes are:

    1. Show Stopper - Auction Item 6 entered by Caroline, a member of the Liles family
    2. Most Inspirational - Auction Item 8 entered by the Holland family
    3. Best Decorated - Auction Item 11 entered by Vina Wulf


    The Fireworks Team headed by Gary Wulf also included Bill Hodde and Phil Kurkoski. They blow us away every year with the beautiful fireworks off the pier out over the water.


    Fireworks were tricky to get this year due to shortages. Our regular vendor was not able to help us out. Between Gary Wulf and Ken Black though, some good deals were found to help make this event the success it was! Thanks to all who helped.


    We can use some volunteers to help next year. Please sign up early if you are interested and be part of this amazing team!

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