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Thank You, Neighbors!

Many of you have provided oversight and assistance throughout our Forest Cove community for all of your neighbors and the community as a whole. This is what makes The Cove a great place to have a home. You can trust those around you to keep an eye out and to be aware. This is no small thing and often goes without any acknowledgement of gratitude.

As the end of the year is coming quickly, we just want to say "THANK YOU"! We are grateful!

As an example, this email was sent this morning. This is just one example of great neighbors who have gone above and beyond. Often, those going above and beyond are not acknowledged. This is for you, too!


Good morning, Don & Alicia! 

Thank you so much -- for identifying problems with water spewing from frozen/unfrozen pipes and then correcting the situation to the best of your abilities. For actively driving through and checking the entire FC subdivision looking for and recognizing potential problems. We appreciate all you both did to correct the broken pipe(s) situation throughout our FC subdivision yesterday morning and on such a chilly day, too! 

Alicia, thank you for your persistence in seeing this through and getting hold of the water company in spite of their non-working phone issues. Shows true leadership and a willingness to do whatever it takes to be a great neighbor - not for the applause - but because that is who you are!

Neighbors such as yourselves is a very good reason for loving The Cove! 

Hopefully the water company has done their due diligence – before too much water was
wasted and also hope neighbors all have running water in their homes.


This problem was recognized by Don Sexton who spotted a 2" PVC pipe spewing water and upon checking found out the water valve was busted or broke due to the extreme cold temperatures. Alicia Stobbe is our neighbor and secretary of The Cove POA. There are many such neighbors who have helped in so many ways.

We are grateful! All our best for a warm, safe and Merry Christmas! And, cheers to another great year in The Cove!

Stay warm - keep your animals safe, warm, and leashed!


[prepared by Karen Black, FC IT]


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