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Spring Fling / St. Patrick's Day Party a Success for The Cove Community

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"...many thanks to all who worked so hard making the Spring Fling such a success." ~ Email received from a Forest Cove neighbor

We have heard this many times now - during the Spring Fling with a St. Patrick’s day flair event and especially after the event. It was a laughter-filled, fun event with 70+ including neighbors and their friends and families, sharing good food, excellent entertainment, and games for all ages. It was a perfect time for folks to come together once again to celebrate our great community.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and especially all those who shared their ideas and creativity, and all who performed set up and clean up.

The audience was guided throughout the evening with an excellent overall presentation by Ken Black who not only kept us all entertained but also:

  1. Welcomed and thanked everyone for coming out for the event,
  2. Recognized all those who have Irish blood in them and those who wished they did...
  3. Acknowledged the University of Houston alumni in honor of the game*,
  4. Invited our POA President to speak - Jeff Zuspan who mentioned the POA officers, thanked Ken and Karen Black for hosting the community event, acknowledged all the volunteers, and ...,
  5. Introduced and invited our new Precinct 4 San Jacinto County Judge Kim Webb (who now fills the seat vacated by Judge Greg Magee) to speak,
  6. Announced POA Treasurer Phil Kurkoski who gave an excellent presentation about the history of Guinness beer and an overall general history of its Irish beginnings, the Temple Bar, and Ireland itself,
  7. Hosted multiple children's games that put a smile on faces and drew ripples of laughter from the entire audience,
  8. Introduced the beer tasting contest overseen and managed by Phil and daughter-Ceilidh
    (pronounced Kay-lee),
  9. Presented prizes, and more.

*For the basketball fans, Anthony (Wulf) projected the UofH Cougar's game on the screen for folks to watch and played a River Dance video for the children to dance along with as one of their contests.

Alicia Stobbe, the POA Secretary, provided Irish music in the background to set the mood.

Vina Wulf, Connie Hodde, and Alicia Stobbe organized and managed the children's hula hoop contests and Lucky Charms Relay. Photos are coming for these events.

The veteran of events 4th of July Hostess for the past 15+ years - Lou Liles, along with Vina Wulf - kept food and people moving and organized from the beginning of the event until after all the tables and chairs were put away and left overs found homes. Babette Zuspan and many others assisted with the event who are not named reminding us of what a great community can do when we come together in unity.

To sum it all up... it was a great event, and we are grateful to everyone who attended that
made it so! Especially our team of Shamrock Shakers: Anita Wood, Bill & Connie Hodde, Chuck & Alicia Stobbe, Gary & Vina Wulf, Ken & Karen Black, Lou Liles, Phil & Tammy Kurkoski.

Again, this was a social event for the entire community and their friends and family where
everyone was invited. No monies from the POA maintenance dues were used.

For those of you who have ideas for and want to host an event for the community, you'll find there is a great group of neighbors ready, willing, and able to support your endeavor(s).

Be sure to plan on attending the upcoming 4th of July celebration in The Cove scheduled for Saturday, July 1, 2023. Mary Ann (VP POA) and Kevin Gardner have volunteered to host the 4th of July celebration this year.


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