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Read All About the Success of the 2022 4th of July Event in The Cove

Fundraiser Sets New Record!

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Another newsworthy July 4th Celebration Event in The Cove. A group of photos have been posted to the website at

Thank you 

  • To Lou Liles and family for their hosting (since 2015) and ongoing support of the 4th of July celebration in our community.
  • To all the volunteers who assisted with the many preparations and decorations - and there are many steps to the process - to make the event a great success and enjoyable for everyone.
  • To our fishing tournament leaders and the children who were able to participate.
  • To all our fur babies and their owners.
  • To everyone for decorating their homes and/or participated in the chalk art contests.
  • To everyone who participated in the auction by submitting items to be auctioned or who placed bids and otherwise contributed financially.
  • To the parade participants.
  • To the folks who continue to blow us away with an amazing fireworks display.
  • To anyone that may have been missed in the list above.

Raised $5,416 (a record year)

The July 4th event is the single biggest and most expensive event the community social fund supports every year. In 2022, this event - due to the combined efforts from many of our neighbors - raised $5,416 (a record year)!

The funds from this event, and all of our social events go into the Social Fund. The Social Fund also supports other events such as the Annual Christmas/New Year Celebration event; Saint Patrick's Day; Italian Night, Soup Fest, Oktoberfest, and other community events as they occur. Let the Board of Directors know if you want to host an event.

Next Year - 2023 - The 4th of July Celebration will be held on July 1 - Mark Your Calendars!

After many years of hosting and organizing this celebration, Lou Liles and family are ready to pass the baton to a new hosting individual/family.

Please consider hosting the 4th of July celebration in 2023. As host(s), you will have access to a community full of volunteers who are happy to share their many talents! Let the Board of Directors know if you want to host our 4th of July celebration on July 1, 2023.

As additional updates (photos/winners) for 2022 become available, they will be posted to our website at

In gratitude,

The Cove Board of Directors



Mail: P.O. Box 82, Point Blank, TX 77364




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