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It's Not Too Late to Plant These Vegies

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For anyone who wants a garden, wants to experience the peace that comes with toiling the soil, and watching the fruits of your labor come to fruition - it's not too late to plant these vegetables.

Vegetable with Dates to Plant

Beans, snap bush - March 5 to May 1

Beans, snap pole - March 5 to April 15

Beans, Lima bush - March 5 to April 15

Beans, Lima pole - March 5 to April 15

Corn, sweet - February 25 to May 1

Cucumber - March 5 to May 1

Eggplant - March 15 to May 1

Peas, Southern - March 25 to May 20

Pepper (transplant) - March 15 to May 1

Potato, sweet (slips) - April 10 to May 15

Pumpkin - April 1 to April 20

Radish - February 1 to May 1

Squash, summer - March 5 to May 1

Squash, winter - March 5 to May 1

Watermelon - March 15 to May 1

[Dates provided are applicable to the Point Blank area per - source: Texas A+M]


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