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Deed Restriction Violations

in The Cove (Forest Cove)

· Deed Restrictions

The Board at this time asks each Forest Cove (FC) property owner to take a look at their property to see if you are in compliance with the FC Deed Restrictions or if you are someone who will be receiving written notifications of Deed Restriction violations. CLICK TO READ DEED RESTRICTIONS 

In the next 30 days, the Deed Restrictions Committee members will drive the neighborhood, taking notes of violations. Then the Board (BOD) will begin sending letters regarding the violations. We ask home and property owners to please be respectful of our community, friends, and neighbors. Deed restrictions are in place to give guidelines, to maintain a cohesive relationship in the Forest Cove community. It also helps property values.

The FC BOD is receiving an increasing number of complaints about POA neighbors who are not adhering to the deed restrictions pertaining to the upkeep of their properties.

Some properties have multiple deed restriction violations. One or two violations has evolved and is now many – this might include an old car, excessive boat trailers, boats too close to the roadways, dead trees, construction equipment, debris, construction projects that have lasted for a year… or 5 years – much longer than necessary, overflowing trash bins, unsightly or no lawn maintenance.

If you are someone who needs help in getting things in order, please let the Board know. We have volunteers, friends, and neighbors who are willing to lend a hand. We all love Forest Cove - let’s make it great again!

The Cove Board of Directors

Mail: P.O. Box 82, Point Blank, TX 77364

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