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Deed Restriction Amendments 2023

· Deed Restrictions

In the December 2, 2022, Blog Post, we talked about (2) Deed Restriction Amendments. By now, all Forest Cove POA members should have received their annual maintenance fees invoices.

Included with the invoice was the option to vote for two (2) changes to the FC POA Deed Restrictions that will require a signature from our property owners. They are:

  1. Allow the use of email to distribute ballots when electing officers. (Potential annual savings for the POA: $200.00.)
  2. Allow Lot R57004 at the very end of Edgewater Way to be sold. This bulkheaded lot is primarily under water, has never been useful to our community and adds no benefit to the subdivision. It does incur costs to the POA each year in terms of taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

For those of you submitting payments electronically, please remember to sign the Amendment with your choice(s) and return to Forest Cove POA, P.O. Box 82, Point Blank, TX 77364.

Happy New Year!

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