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Recently, Phil Kurkoski, Treasurer for The Cove, spotted an alligator swimming just a few feet from his dock. The alligator appeared to be about 6.5 feet in length.

Phil provided a photo of the gator and also an excellent article from Texas Parks & Wild Life entitled, "If You See An Alligator" on October 3. It is worth the read in the event you see an alligator in The Cove. For example: did you know that alligators are extremely quick, running up to 35 mph for short distances?

Phil, we thank you for providing this information and sharing this news with us. It reminds us all to be on alert.

Game warden Melissa Brown (936-239-2711) said that the alligator has probably lived here for years but we never see him/her... Also there have not been any alligator attacks. She said just be sure NOT to feed it! They will not be attempting to remove it. (Thanks to Connie Hodde for this information.)

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