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4th of July Celebration

Thank you!

Once again the 4th of July celebration was awesome!

Much gratitude to all those who helped to make it a fun time for all. There is a lot to putting on the event and make it enjoyable but without such a great community, it would still not have been as fun as it was but... that said...

There has to be someone who organizes the celebration overall, calling and assigning judges for the individual events, buying the food and any other items necessary to pull it off, then someone who volunteers to head up each individual event such as the fishing tournament, the dog show, the parade, the meal, the fireworks; someone to manage the logistics - clubhouse cleaning, setup, tear down, etc.

So, we want to recognize the Liles Family: Stan, Lou, Mary, Bill, Darren, Sean, Tasha, Damien and their friends, Rod and Tam, plus anyone else I may have left out. Stan was cooking 80 burgers on his grill for the event as early as two days prior. This crew made and cooked many of the desserts including special dog treats to help raise funds at the auction.

Thanks also to the Wulf Family: Gary treated the area for ants/bugs and most importantly headed up the fireworks display once again. Vina cooked, cleaned, organized the hula hoop contest and who knows what else. Again, this crew made and cooked many of the desserts for the auction.

Thanks to Phil Kurkoski for his role in such things as collecting the donations and money realized from the auction. Plus, he played a key role in setting off fireworks for our enjoyment. A special thanks to Tammy Kurkoski for the hours of work she put into the beautiful quilt she donated to the auction - it raised $300.00!

Thanks to the Holland Family for cooking and donating all of the hot dogs. And, again, for preparing awesome desserts to raise funds at the auction.

The fireworks were absolutely the best ever!!!! Besides Gary Wulf and Phil Kurkoski, noted above, we owe a shout out of thanks to Bill Hodde as well. We believe there were others; just not sure who. But, we thank you all for the fine entertainment that ended our celebratory occasion with a blast!

Thanks to our adjoining neighbors for allowing us to drive through their property enabling us to bring the parade into Section II: Joann and Barb and the Casey Wright families.

Our gratitude to the Point Blank Volunteer Fire Department for their support and participation each year in our parade and festivities.

Thanks to everyone that donated money, made items to help raise additional funds, or bought things at the auction. It is your monetary support that makes this event possible every year. No POA funds go into this event. It is 100% reliant on auction proceeds and your donated funds. The July 4th event brings our neighborhood together and it is your support that makes it happen.

Thanks to anyone who helped in any way. Impossible to know and name everyone.

We've posted photos for everyone to enjoy here:

Join us for the next Property Owners Meeting at 2:00 p.m. on August 3, 2019 in The Cove Clubhouse.

Are you interested in helping with this event or hosting a different social event for our community and have questions about the logistics of it? (For example, we always need someone to host events such as a Cinco de Mayo or Octoberfest event, etc.) Please contact the Board by email at We want to help and support these efforts however possible!

The Cove Board of Directors

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